How to Visit

Tulum in One Day

On a Budget

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Let's face it-

you don't want to spend 10 hours combing through TripAdvisor

for tips on your trip to Tulum.

You want a real guide from someone who's been there.

Someone who made the trip,

without breaking the bank.

Someone who can give you the info you need

in half an hour.

Sound good?

Leave me your email and I will send you a pre-recorded webinar with all of my tips for how to visit Tulum (and surrounding area) in one day on a budget!


You will walk away from this webinar with your ideal itinerary for one day in Tulum,

complete with budget estimates and time breakdowns.

This free webinar will give you:

  • a brief introduction to Tulum

  • transportation and lodging tips

  • multiple itinerary options for making the most of your time at Tulum!

You will also receive a free downloadable itinerary template to fill in with your plans!

About the Presenter

Catherine holds a Master's degree in Mesoamerican Art History from the University of Texas at Austin and has travelled to over 30 Mesoamerican sites and a dozen museums. She has lived in Mexico and Panama and traveled through Guatemala and Honduras. She speaks fluent EnglishSpanish and Dulegaya (an indigenous dialect of Panama), and is a constant learner of Mayan and Central Mexican languages

Catherine has a passion for teaching and loves sharing what she learns with others. When she is not learning or teaching, she is probably spending time with her husband and their pets, Oakley and Willow.

What You'll Get


Transportation Guide

Master the do's and do not's of transportation in Mexico, as well as how long to expect each leg of the trip to take.


Lodging Tips

From beachside cabins to hostels and more, you'll get my top recommendations to staying comfortably in Tulum.



You will leave this webinar with your own itinerary for visiting Tulum and the surrounding area so that you can enjoy your trip!

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